Strengthening Youth Resilience to Extremism in the Digital Age

PSP’s leadership team partnered with Global Peace Foundation and Cooperation Ireland, as well as panelists and collaborators, the AMATE project of Masjid Mohammed, Institute for Sustained Dialogue and Generations for Peace to pilot a new youth resiliency training and contribute evidence to the International Forum on Peacebuilding in Belfast, held in March 2020.

We delivered a robust training to an international audience of participants from Uganda, Kenya, the Philippines, Nigeria and the United States.  This was a pilot of our newest curriculum Building Youth Resilience to Extremism in the Digital Age.  Participants each collaborated in developing a counter narrative campaign tailored to their country’s local context and identified the audience, messages, messengers and media / platforms used.  

The training focused on resilience-building with youth and presented evidence-based data and evaluations and featured panelists representing Generations for Peace, ISD, Masjid Mohammed’s AMATE project, and Global Peace Foundation as well as several recent evaluation projects.

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