About Us

Cat Lockman & Dr. Nilufar Choudry

Cat Lockman & Dr. Nilufar Choudry

President / Vice-President

Cat Lockman, President and Dr. Nilufar Choudry, Vice President each leverage more than twenty years of expertise in developing policy advocacy, program development and design, project implementations and evaluations in the United States and internationally.  
Most recently Cat and Nilufar have been key team members at the Global Peace Foundation who developed and secured U.S. Department of Homeland Security funding for the first U.S.-based community programs to counter extremist violence. As a team, they have also developed and coached on successful project implementations in Nigeria, Kenya and Indonesia in peacebuilding and democracy strengthening.   Cat and Nilufar have built recent credentials and national recognition as a core team members in developing, updating and piloting curriculum, coaching project implementations, organizing and conducting evaluations, analysis, grants administration and reporting for various projects.  They have also worked with diverse and robust stakeholders including faith leaders, community and academic leaders, law enforcement and elected officials, peacebuilding practitioners, and media specialists.

who we are

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to peace

Peace and Security Partners, Inc. (PSP) is a new peace and security focused not-for-profit organization based in the Washington D.C. area with a global field network of affiliates and partners. 

Our Focus

Peace and Security Partners works with a global portfolio of implementing and funding partners to deliver innovative peacebuilding projects in the United States and across a field network spanning across Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. Our team weaves best practices together with local leadership to deliver high-quality projects. PSP’s work is evidence-based and contributes to the larger field of quality evaluation and impact data.

Our Key Practices



Effective Engagement

Building relationships based on mutual trust and respect to foster…

  • cultural diversity and humility
  • appreciation of others
  • strength in cultural competencies
  • connection with people
  • safe community-building opportunities


Share Data and Facts

Understanding extremism by knowing…

  • radicalization is not a light switch, but a process that escalates
  • it happens to young people, even 14-15 years old, at home online – as well as adults from all backgrounds
  • how radicalization shows up in real life and online
  • how to recognize indicators of escalating behavior


Increase Understanding on How to Take Appropriate Action

  • Know Where to Get Help: how to get help or intervention for the person
  • Know Your Resources: what are options in your community based on resource mapping
  • Build Connections: with law enforcement or community leader whom you trust
  • KNOW HOW TO REPORT:  how to report suspicious activity and why to bother