Our Qualifications

PSP’s talented team members have built a robust portfolio of qualifications in prevention, democracy strengthening and social media / online safety awareness raising. 


Our team members work collaboratively with field leaders and partners, stakeholders and funders to develop, implement and evaluate programming such as these sample projects:


Our Projects



Preventing Extremism through Awareness Raising and Training
on Mobilization Indicators

Funded by the United States Department of Homeland Security, former New Jersey Assistant Attorney General Wanda Moore led the urban peacebuilding project, training thousands of law enforcement and community leaders, as well as affecting systems change.  Cat Lockman and Dr. Nilufar Choudry supported the project with proposal development and reporting, as well as provided the grants administration capacity to manage the Federal funding requirements. Learn More Here: (link Glorified PPT video)


    Digital Citizenship and Online Safety Training

    Funded by the United States Department of Homeland Security and built on an initial pilot project with Google, our team has developed expert curriculum used to train educators, parents and youth on basics of online safety and personal information, informed information consumption / sources, tricks and scams, online recruitment and extremism, and how to report extremism content on common platforms. Our leaders worked with cyber security and law enforcement issue experts, best-in-the-field resources, and in-house research capabilities to develop the curriculum used in this training, which was delivered to and received feedback from audiences throughout New Jersey.  


      Counter Narrative Campaigning / Democracy Strengthening

      Funded with collaborative project support from London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue, our team partnered with Global Peace Foundation Kenya to produce a series of “I am Kenyan” videos for a social media campaign messaging around election safety / peaceful elections.  This served as a counter narrative to tribalism in identity-based politics.


      Millennial Awareness Raising and Prevention of Extremism

      Funded with United Nations support provided through Convey Indonesia, our team members partnered with Global Peace Foundation Indonesia to provide insights on extremism and detailed input on curriculum development for an awareness-raising campaign targeting Millennial-aged youth across six university campuses.


      Community Peacebuilding / Sectarian Violence Prevention

      Funded by Irish Aid, Robert Bosch Siftung, and the United States Department of State, our team members partnered with Global Peace Foundation Nigeria to develop the program designs, evaluation frameworks and implementation plans currently underway in several peacebuliding projects.  We also partnered with the same field affiliate on election violence prevention. This grassroots work in local villages in Kaduna State is showing outstanding results and potential longterm sustainability.